Producing recordings is my deepest love and my greatest skill. From working with established icons to assisting those who are aspiring to greatness, it is a privilege to co-create a recording, whether it is in live sessions or in the studio. I believe that the sum of our collective energies creates a product that is greater than what any of us could do on our own.

The making of a musical “photograph”, a recording, is a weaving together of many strands of creativity, logistics and fine attention to myriad details.

I am excellent at all of that. Yet what I consider to be among my greatest gifts is the ability to make people feel comfortable doing their best work. I create an atmosphere where artists do just that. I am part coach, part cheerleader, part musical expert and muse, but what you get when we choose to work together is an advocate who is fiercely in your corner, before, during and after the recording sessions.



Any project’s success relies on unseen “behind-the-scenes” details being seamlessly manager in support of the finished product. I am a superior manager of all the details. I collaborate with you or your team to establish realistic deadlines, facilitate communication with all asset  providers to ensure a smooth production process that results in on-time completion of a world-class product and at a budget that works for you.
My services include providing for and coordination of:

ARTWORK: I work with your graphic designer or provide my own experts to create a look and packaging that reflects who you are and fulfills your vision.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I coordinate with your photographer, or recommend one, and ensure all necessary specs and format requirements are met for the highest quality product.

LINER NOTES AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION: The written presentation of your project is an essential element supporting the audio, and I will coordinate, write or edit the booklet and online text and tracking information with a dedication to complete accuracy, quality writing and clarity.

AUDIO MASTER MEDIA: I coordinate with your engineering team to ensure format and content accuracy between audio and artwork.

LICENSING AND COPYRIGHT: I guide you in the licensing process so that your recording complies with all legal requirements for distribution.

DIGITAL MEDIA PRESENTATION: I assist in organizing the digital information and metadata for the clear presentation of your project to many different digital distributors and platforms.

MANUFACTURING AND PRINT REQUIREMENTS: I work directly with the manufacturers and printers so the production process runs smoothly and delivers a final product meeting your expectations and time frame.



My experience as Festival Producer for the world-renowned Ojai Music Festival both prepared me and qualifies me to organize and execute musical events of all sizes and budgets. I have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of managing and coordinating all of the details for seamless results, and the ability to speak to numerous stakeholders.



I love assisting you in streamlining your work and your life. Organization is another driving passion in my life, and it gives me satisfaction to help you in this area of your life.



I am passionately committed to paying it forward to assist the next generation of creative entrepreneurial, audacious musicians. Call on me to assist.



I am here to help provide answers and explore new possibilities amid the ever-changing musical landscape. I am tuned into new options and opportunities that are emerging every day. You can count on me to inform, consult, collaborate and direct.



I have access to a comprehensive network of services: graphic artists, cover designers, writers, manufacturers, legal counsel, digital service providers, recording engineers and editors, label and distributor recommendations and contacts; all are part of my network of professionals that are available for your specific project needs. This can be part of the Project Management component, or I can make connections for you to facilitate a project that is already underway.
Let's JUMP IN!!!



© Elaine Martone 2020

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